Don Monroe Photography

My name is Don Monroe. This site shows some of my photography, much of it taken during my first twelve years in the Pacific Northwest.


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Photography for Publication

All content on this site is copyright by Don Monroe unless otherwise noted, and may not be downloaded, copied, or re-transmitted without permission. If you are a writer or editor or other interested individual and would like to use some of these pictures, either in print or online, please contact me. Fees for images for publication are dependent upon use.

Prints for Personal Use

Prints for one's personal use are also available: 8.5 x 11, 11.7 x 16.5, 13 x 19 (inches), your choice. Up to $75 (USA), plus additional cost for shipping outside the USA. Contact me.

Some of My Other Photography

My photography of Paul MacCready's human- and solar-powered aircraft can be seen at